Thursday, April 19, 2018

Outfit: All I see is tainted.

Embroidered jacket: Vintage with Alice in Chains Backpatch attached DIY || Boho dress: Spell Designs || Boots: Vagabond

One of my favorite jackets, it's a DIY! I found the jacket at a local secondhand shop and it costed me 1$, so it was a real bargain. To make it even cooler I got a backpatch from my favorite band Alice in Chains, now it's a one of a kind piece and I love it even more.
I combined it with a dress I've been owning for such a long time now, it goes with everything and adds the perfect boho touch to every look.

Love xx

Monday, April 16, 2018

Outfit: Sun and moon.

Studded jacket: ASOS // sun and moon tee: The Mountain // Ripped jeans: H&M

Today I'm wearing a sun and moon shirt which I really love. I'm wearing a studded leather jacket I bought a few years ago, it's such a warm and comfy number. I went for a Rock n' Roll combo and combined it with a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and docs.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Outfit: The darkness is holding me tightly until the sun rises up.

Paisley faux fur coat: Secondhand via Oxfam || Nirvana tee: H&M || Mesh leggings: EMP || Boots: Dr Martens || Ja-Jo sunglasses: Ray Ban

Winter is gone, but sometimes the mornings are still cold, so a cozy not too warm coat is a good choice - here I'm wearing a beautiful vintage piece I found at my local Oxfam shop a few months ago. I had been wearing it a lot during winter, it's so beautiful! It's a big size but I don't mind, I like oversized jackets way more anyways. I combined it with a Nirvana tee, my cherry red docs and lots of jewelry.

Love xx

Monday, April 9, 2018

Outfit: Lonely the brave.

Pink floyd tee: Vintage || Castaway skirt and cowboy boots: Spell Designs 

Summer has arrived and it seems that it's here to stay - it's around 20 °C all day lately which I love and enjoy so much! I'm wearing a beautiful boho skirt from Spell Designs which is a re-release piece of a very old collection. I missed this one a few years ago and now I finally had the chance to get it. It's a beautiful flowy skirt! I combined it with a vintage Pink Floyd tee which is one of my favorite band tees. Its print is so beautiful! I think it's from 1993, a real treasure.

Love xx

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Outfit: Live forever.

College varsity cardigan: Urban Outfitters || Alice in Chains shirt || Fishnet tights || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens

I really like wearing comfy oversized cardigans during spring time, they keep you warm when the wind is still a bit chilly. I bought this awesome cardi a few months ago, it literally goes with everything. My favorite combo is wearing it with band tees, especially my aztec sun tee from my favorite band Alice in Chains. I usually buy tees many sizes bigger, so I can wear them oversized and as dresses. 

Love xx

Monday, April 2, 2018

Outfit: Begotten.

Paisley embroidered jacket: Zara || Nirvana tee: EMP || Studded shorts and cowboy boots: old

An hippie festival look for today - I'm wearing a beautiful trophy jacket from Zara I recently bought. Zara got amazing trophy jackets with lots of embellishment and colors from time to time, I already own quite a few. This one is a beautiful piece too, especially now for the festival season. I'm wearing it with a grey nirvana tee, studded denim shorts and western booties.

Peace xx